>Happy Endings

17 Jan


I finally got around to reading the Dark Horse anthology Happy Endings.
This is a good collection. The highlights were the stories by Leland
Myrick, Brian Michael Bendis, Katie Mignola (Mike’s daughter), Craig
Thompson, Farel Dalrymple, Peter Kuper, Tony Millionaire and Harvey
Pekar. Whew, that’s a long list for a short book. I enjoyed this
anthology more than even Teratoid Heights, at least in narrative. That
kinda seems like a rule for me, to dislike independant anthologies. And
now here I am liking one with more ‘name’ creators, even though some of
the above are definitely independant creators they have notariety (e.g.
Dalrymple). Come to think of it, I enjoyed Batman: Black & White a lot
too, a very mainstream anthology.

I guess I’m more of an ‘everyman’ when it comes to collections. But
really all those folks who haven’t read Kramer’s Ergot is more likely
because they’ve never heard of it than that they have a particular
distaste for independant work. And the big indie readers are unique
just like everyone else.
–via hiptop

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