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13 Jan


One of the things I love most about comics is finding stories that sound
really dumb or ridiculous but that are executed so well that they are
fantasticly brilliant. We3 is one of those books, well it may not be as
imaginative as Miracleman or as poetic as Swamp Thing but it is
certainly a good comic. And you wouldn’t think one about a cat, a
rabbit and a dog who are put in weapon suits by the government to
assassinate terrorists would be. Of course it is written by Grant
Morrison so you can expect it to be better than most on the shelf.

The book is great as an action and it appeals to pathos very well too.
In fact I was almost in tears in certain parts but I do have a huge soft
spot for the little furry ones. By the end I was furious at the
injustice of a government experiment that never existed.

How’s that for fiction?
–via sk

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