>Earthboy Jacobus

13 Nov


Drew and Leia sent Chelsea and I the nicest birthday package. Among the plant that grows out of an egg shell, sweets from Chinatown, and other things was this book.

There’s not a ton to say about it since it’s Doug Tennapel. You’re either familiar or you’re not. He’s the guy who created Earthworm Jim. His comics are good and although Creature Tech remains his best, Earthboy Jacobus is a very close second. Tennapel manages to tell what could be a very epic and outstretched story in a one-sitting book which in this case works. Well, it could work either way. But the signature art style and bug/alien stylization is all here.

Perhaps the most significant part of this book is how the author deals much more directly and openly with his faith in the text whereas with Creature Tech it was a little more subtle. Whether this man is a Christian or not he is at least wrestling with his issues through his characters. For me this adds a lot of depth and Tennapel juggles cartoony aliens and hijinx with more serious ideas about faith, well.

Thanks, Leia and drew.

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