>Transmetropolitan: Back on the Street

05 Nov


The first Transmet book left me feeling the same way I do about most of Warren Ellis’ more recent work: not all that interesting but well told and easy to read anyways. I probably won’t be continuing the series as I have hardly any interest in knowing what comes next, except for the ever-present curiousity that has me thinking but what if it really takes off next storyline? I have enough familiarity with the man’s material to know that, for me at least, this won’t be the case and I’d just be stringing myself along in what if mode indefinitely.

My biggest question after reading this book is: how in the hell is this considered a seminal comic? How did this come to help characterize a modern era of paneled storytelling? Why is there such a huge fanbase for this?

For me the whole thing can be summed up pretty easily: tough, nihilistic, journalist quips at an unrelenting pace while exposing truths behind semi-bizarre social phenomenon. Like a futuristic Fear and Loathing, except with more purpose and direction.

So what? Are people reading this and going oh! he swore, and so CREATIVELY!? Cuz that’s all that seams to be going on here.

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