>paper cd case

05 Nov

> has a nice little online form that spits out cd inlays and stuff for when you make a mix cd to hand off to someone.  like a friend. 
i heard that sometimes a person within a small group of friends has an idea to have each friend make a mix cd for every other friend.  those ideas, no matter how neat, never come to fruition if only two of the friends in a group know about it.  then another friend has to pick up the torch and tell everyone else.  are you listening, drew?  matty doesn’t seem to know the parameters exactly but i passed it along to dave anyways.  mine’s almost ready to go. talk to us, drew.
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One response to “>paper cd case

  1. antifreeze hyperdrive

    November 8, 2005 at 12:10 am

    >hey pallyyeah sorry about that.glad to hear everyone is receptiveive been plotting out my mix as wellas i was telling dave im thinking about a 30min mix. we could either post them whenever we feel like or take turns. not sure which would be more realistic. also they may be too big for email. perhaps we should use webspace to post them for easy download.but erik you have good online trickery so perhaps you have a better idea for distribution.


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