05 Nov


1,331 pages. Only if it’s paneled will I read a book that big. Obviously
Bone is epic. But it’s also really good. It has occasional moments of funny that made me laugh out loud but that’s not really what it’s about. The characters and world are endearing and I was even crying at the end. For what was happening and because it was over. Of course, that’s not really that significant, I cry pretty easily when something bad happens in a story I’m absorbed in. Bawled my eyes out at The Notebook. Anways, It really is as good as everyone seems to say it is (except for those nitwits hung up on Thorn’s backstory who, after the publishing of the final issue must’ve come around by now).

I originally picked this up since it was made so accessible by having all nine volumes compiled into the One Volume Edition. I managed to find it for only $10 used on Amazon.

It was a long read, however, and makes me wonder how in the world anyone could be expected to make it through even the first 3/4’s of Cerebus (the part before Dave Sim’s ego apparently goes totally nuts)? I can’t imagine reading multiple volumes that are 1000+ pages long. That’s crazy. I might just have to try.

Anyways, for the 2 of you reading this that might actually read it, I promise you’ll like it.

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