04 Nov


this thing seems pretty neat. go there, download some plugins (really quick and easy) for all of your media players. whenever you play music on your computer, it gets sent to your profile page where you and others can track your listening AND you can discover similar music, no matter how eclectic (so they claim). If you also would like a custom radio station built around what you already listen to, install the player.

now the final frontier is integrating all of this musical goodness into your blog. done.

suprglu does just that. i haven’t finished setting all of this up, despite it being a matter of creating and specifying a couple of logins, but i have high hopes. i’ll post more about it if it works and you’ll hopeful be able to see the list of my music on the right bar over there (bottom of page if you’re on Safari or Firefox which don’t adhere to W3C standards for floats).

Update: Ok, so the Suprglu thing isn’t so great since it has to become the destination where people view your blog and all that other stuff. It would be if it was more customizable so one could even use their own image for a banner…anyways. isn’t too special either, the radio thing is nice, but I’ve seen it before somewhere…i’m not too convinced i need a list of recently listened to songs if it’s not on my blog to share. oh well, the day where all of this really happens isn’t too far off.

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