>Das Komx and the truth

23 Oct

>Das Komx and the Truth

From now on I will be posting all things graphic novel-ish to this main blog here as I am retiring my separate Comic Blog (Crate 759). I have become more realistic in that I do not have enough time to be a mini publishing empire unto myself and therefore no longer need to keep that totally separate. Plus I think that Dame should really represent all of me, not just certain parts. This will also help with the frequency of updates as I have been posting much more frequently on my Crate 759 lately than on the main site.

In addition I will be collapsing my other blog, Aemet. This was a place that I would rant on things political in nature. That hasn’t been updated in quite some time however.

Anywhoo…what this means is that I’ll be phasing in old posts from those other blogs so if you see some out-of-date info, it’s cool, I just want to have everything saved before I delete those guys.

Thanks for understanding and have a super keen Halloween.

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