>Delicious Library

04 Jul


it’s a rare occasion when a piece of mac-only sftw makes me envious. not that it doesn’t happen, cuz it does, it’s just few-and-far-between. tween. anyways…this Delicious Library app makes me really green. it’s a cataloging program for all media: dvds, games, and books. and it looks gorgeous. there’s no sftw on the pc that does what it does so beautifully. i know, i’ve tried ’em. plus, this one let’s you scan barcodes with iSight (or whatever usb cam) to instantly add something to the collection replete with images, details, et al. :( Maybe a mac mini should be my next desktop. you know, the only thing holding me back, ok there’s a lot more but right now i can only think of this, is the games. i am a long-time, hardcore pc gamer. so i guess it would never work. damn if that ain’t the prettiest piece of code i’ve seen in a while.

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One response to “>Delicious Library

  1. antifreeze hyperdrive

    July 5, 2005 at 2:26 am

    >that is truly delicious.


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