>YaDDS: Yet Another DVD Delivery Service

28 Apr


Well alright. I’ve used Netflix on and off since its inception. Great selection, great service, OK prices, OK site. Now I’ve cancelled with them again and joined Blockbuster’s new online rental service. Benefits: 2 free in-store movie OR game rentals/month. It’s also cheaper at $14.95/month for the same amount (3) of movies out at a time. Unfortunately not only is their selection worse, but if you join right now be warned: you are essentially a beta tester for a service that is not in a finished form. All sorts of weird errors can occur on their site including annoying ‘certificate doesn’t match’ dialogs (no matter the browser) and movies mysteriously not making it into the queue. Additionally Blockbuster’s turn-around time is also somewhat slower than Netflix’s. Chexs. Chex. A Chex. Anyways, there is at least one benefit to the broken site/service from Blockbuster: I have four movies from them in front of me. I’m on the 3-at-a-time plan. Hmmm.

UPDATE: 2005.04.29 I received a fifth movie in the mail today from Blockbuster. I guess they’re just sending me my queue now.

Now to the point. Green Cine is the newest service that I know of. It looks excellent. Their site is better than both of the other two mentioned. They also specialize in Anime. I don’t watch a lot of that but I get in moods sometimes and it’s really nice to have that focused on. They also have a lot of cult and independant stuff. NOT the pseudo-mainstream ‘new’ independant cinema, but real indie stuff. I haven’t tested out their selection extensively, however, but will give a full report after I’ve switched to them in a few days. I just can’t get enough online DVD rentals. Sewiouswy folks. The other thing I like about Green Cine is its big selection for being someone who claims to specialize in indpt fare.

CafeDVD claims the same but has a very limited selection from what I can tell. Although they are the only service I know of that allows an a-la carte option.

What it all comes to, folks, is the ability to get access to documentaries that you have no access to unless you just buy them all. There are somethign like 100 documentaries released every year and Blockbuster carries 12. Netflix supposedly carries about 40. And for a docu-junky this is the only way to go without going broke.

Longest, post, ever.

Btw, for backing up DVDs I always recommend the excellent all-in-one solution DVD Shrink.

And a beer to whoever reads this whole thing. Honestly.

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