>The Arcade Fire

20 Sep


Sorry it’s been so long on the updates, I’ve been so absorbed in comics blogs and tech news sites that I haven’t even peeked around in other corners of the web recently.

I have, however, received a recommendation on a band by Zachary and they are “The Arcade Fire.” After the second listen or so it is apparent that their Funeral is a classic. There is so much emotion bundled up in the lyrics and music that I can’t help but to get almost broken up everytime I listen. So I’ve been on the verge of tears for days now. What if Zack hadn’t mentioned them? I’d be missing out on some beautiful and earnest music.

So now I pass them along to everyone to be touched as I have been.

UPDATE: Alright, I was wrong, it’s not Funeral, but their earlier stuff I am so enamored with. I had some files and didn’t know that they were earlier stuff. Turns out I don’t really like their first full length so much. But if you can track down their first EP or some live stuff from before Funeral you might know what I’m talking about.

Official Site with some MP3s.

Merge Records

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