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07 Sep


SA‘s “Anti-Republican protestors” bit on the front page is helping me to realize that the whole country isn’t going totally to shit. I too, H-A-T-E fucking protesters in general and believe it to be a very out-dated and ineffective tactic. Apparently some people on the other side do too:

“Wow! Suddenly I hate George Bush and think America is just like Nazi Germany, all thanks to a fucking posterboard sign held by some fat unemployed shithead!”

More choice nuggets lie within. The blurb is the second point on the main page for the Tuesday, September 7th post. More:

“If people have to choose between George Bush and a crowd of furious bicyclists whose biggest claim to fame is that one of their blogs was mentioned in passing by Al Franken on that one AM radio station nobody turns on because it’s about as exciting as listening to NPR at 50% speed, they’ll either choose George Bush or they’ll choose to look away when the riot police start caving in skulls with their nightclubs.”

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