>Even the Feds Hate IE

09 Jul


FINALLY. The Department of Homeland Security has released an official statement (link to friend’s blog, can’t find official release) telling consumers NOT to use Internet Explorer. Told you. No matter, I am a rabid Opera fan, ready to devour any other browser in a debate of who is best. Nevermind that it doesn’t conform to the W3C standards completely, it is bar none the easiest to use browser. Period. Firefox doesn’t even do all the stuff Opera does (and does so well). So maybe finally all of those people whose computers I support will STOP USING THE DAMNED THING LIKE I TOLD THEM TO.


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2 responses to “>Even the Feds Hate IE

  1. antifreeze hyperdrive

    July 21, 2004 at 2:59 am

    >hey i just wanted to let everyone know im starting up my internet browser. Of course of course i promise it will be as COOL and as FAST as my name promises.Ok so if you wanna download it just take out a pencil and a slice of paper.Ok now write down “” (some funny guy took .com) and then write down the word “enter”ok now any second it should load up and you can download it onto another piece of paper.then just open it up by writing “open file” and you can start browsing the interweb.i hope you enjoy!

  2. eriK

    July 21, 2004 at 3:08 am

    >”Antifreeze Hyperdrive” would be the best name for a browser, ever.


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