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No more using nail salons as fronts for ecstacy dealing operations. This machine will probably end the careers of many a…salonier? That is if it works and is real (Gizmodo pointed out that the URL of their jobs page is interesting).

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>Wi-Fi (blocking) Wallpaper

>Now that there’s wallpaper that can block wireless hijacking, when do we get the wallpaper that *enchances* it? That is, use a similar technology to drench homes, offices, and/or rooms in Wi-Fi so that there are *no* dead or slow spots.

Why not, huh?

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>What’s That Called?

>Found another “music from TV commercials” site. Dug it up while finding out that it is Pas/Cal’s “Bronzed Beach Boys” in that Saturn/OnStar ad with the emergency vehicles driving all coordinated and Ethel Merman style.

This site seems to do a much better job than this old main-stay. It’s actually updated on a more-than-seasonal basis and even has a forum to ask for the song you’re looking for if you can’t find it in the database.

Ch-check check it out. Work, work, work it out.


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>Omni Hypnosis Training Center

>It’s come to my attention that one can be taught how to hypnotise others to cure their maladies. And not just minor ones either. This Omni place will help you hypnotise away AIDS, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and the list just goes on. But by far the best one has gotta be the Breast Enlargement hypnotherapy. Read that again. Yeah.

“You may never have to use the skills taught in this workshop but maybe, just maybe the day will come when the knowledge gained here will save someone’s life.”

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>John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project

>Just found this today. Didn’t know about it at all before. What a clever idea. Too bad it will be EONS before it’ll ever pass the Turing test.

Can chat with him as well (no link due to lame right-click suppression).

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>Know Me Stranger

>My frend [sic], Ben, posted a conversation with the ZolaOnAOL bot (if you don’t know, add that name to your buddy list and try to chat with “her”) in which he tried to “cyber” with her. I’m sure it’s not the first of its kind but must be one of the funniest since Zola’s responses were almost perfect and Ben’s part of the chat was funny too.

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>You Make It, e-Bay

>I gotta start selling on e-bay. This is ridiculous.

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