>"FlyBook ahoy"

27 Jun


Nice. If I can’t keep my credit card in my pocket this will be my new computer come this fall. Perhaps I could sell my current Toshiba Tablet PC to help finance this…hmmm. Beautiful, small, light, and full of battery life (up to 6 hours!). 2 USB, 2 Firewire, PCMCIA…It has been and remains my estimate that this handtop/ultra-small laptop form factor will be the saving grace for the Tablet PC platform. If only us “tableteers” could get others to understand that Tablet PC’s reallly are the nifty and necessary things that you never thought you wanted or needed.

Seriously, everyone who has tried my Tablet, save one, and was skeptical ended up loving it. I think it’s just too hard for regular folks (read: non-pathologically tech-obsessed) to understand why they’d need or want a laptop with pen capabilities. It’s this dramatic change in the size of the computer that is gonna help people grasp that this is a whole new and desirable way to compute from now on. Vivre l’Handtop!

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One response to “>"FlyBook ahoy"

  1. Anonymous

    July 3, 2004 at 10:30 pm

    >EriK, its eriKa. You really are obsessed with technology. Maybe someday you will be like will ferrel in the jeffreys skit and have a cell phone so tiny you will need a pin to push the buttons on it.Thats your future, I see it now.


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