>The Teeny Tiny Future of Wireless Routers

15 Jun

>Well, Apple is really starting to get my gander. I have been thinking about a device EXACTLY like the Airport Express and wondering if such a device does or could exist. And not five minutes ago my curiousity was quelled. What a beautiful idea, to put a wireless router (and 802.11g no less) into something the size of a wal-wart. But to add to even that with a USB port for printer sharing, this is too much. Complete blissful overkill comes with the audio-out jack. Oh my gosh. You can fire up iTunes, start playing something, click on the Airport Express icon in the iTunes window that appears once you have one plugged somewhere in the house, and you music is sent, wirelessly to that station and the stereo it is connected to. I’m in heaven. Well, I will be when I get this product. This is probably the niftiest invention of the last three years. Seriously. Well besides the Tablet PC (although I don’t know when these were actually invented).

As is obvious, I am sold. Now to get a job to finance this purchase. If only I could get hired tomorrow, I’d be that much closer to heaven. Especially since I don’t have a wireless router now as it is.

If Apple keeps coming out with all this cool stuff, I may have to switch. Nah. Not until they have a Tablet PC at least. Nothing’s gonna tear me away from my Toshiba 3505. In fact I started writing inked e-mails with Outlook 2003. That’s really fun.

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