>Good Advice for Arabs, from an Arab

08 Jun

>Before the May 22-23 Arab League summit that is held in Tunis, a

London Arabic-language paper, Al-Hayat, published a letter by renowned

Egyptian playwright and satirist Ali Salem to the league. Here are some quotes from the article:

“The Palestinian People Need Political Leaders … Who Yearn for Life

More than They Yearn for Death”

-Ali Salem

“And it is well known that someone with a

revolutionary idea begins to think logically when he discovers that his deeds

have caused only loss and destruction to himself and his family, and

accomplishments to his enemies…”

-Ali Salem, on the way that Palestinian revolutionaries blow themselves up

“There is no escape from [adopting] a

different culture, that you, [leaders participating in the Arab League

summit,] can spread, in order to defend us and yourselves – a culture that

will explain to and teach the people that respecting human life and

preserving it from all evil is the only way to Paradise. Nothing justifies

turning people’s lives into hell…”

-Ali Salem, as a plea to the Arab league

Full article can be found here.

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