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>The Life Baumbachian

>Noah Baumbach, director of one of my all-time favorite movies, Kicking & Screaming apparently co-wrote The Life Aquatic with Wes Anderson. That’s some good news. Even better is that this new project is already in “post” so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long. Kicking & Screaming of 1995 release is not to be confused with the Will Ferrell soccer comedy of the same name that is currently filming.

Also, Mr. Baumbach has a new pet project titled The Squid and the Whale with Bill Murray that is in pre-production.

Noah and Mr. Murray together at last.


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>Myths & Facts

>I am constantly disheartened by the rise of anti-semitism in this country and the world. It is all based on so many half-truths and outright lies that it makes one sick after seeing the facts. I have heard so many people begin an anti-Israel statement with “My friend said…” or “I heard that…” Also to note: any giant news conglomerate is not a definitive source of information.

Go and realize how much things are not always how they may seem.

Shalom :)

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>Nintendo DS Looking Better

>FYI: Nintendo DS = New portable game system with 2 screens, one of which is touch sensitive.

Despite the fact that the people writing this article seem to be excited about everything, their initial hesitations and outright hate of the DS being turned into excitement must mean something. The comparison to the PDA screen is what sold me. I have several PDA’s and a Tablet PC. They’re right, there are tons of games that are just better when played with a touch-sensitive screen. Sounds like innovation to me. Maybe this will help spark demand for touch-sensitivity which could boost sales of Tablet PC’s. That would be awesome because, as anyone I’ve ever met that’s used a Tablet has said, you don’t realize you need it until you use it. Which could be the phrase everyone is using when the DS finally comes out.

Go Nintendo.

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>I Have Returned


Finally sorted out my blogger/webhost issues. Just got a new webhost. Problem solved. In fact the new one is better. It’s only $1/month for almost everything I get on Dimensity’s $4/month plan. It’s called Marely’s Host. Their site looks totally fake but clearly they are legit.

Look forward to lots of posts as a result of freedom from blog withdrawl.

That is all.


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