>Earth Week

18 Apr

>So I’m walking in front of the student union with my usual routine: staring at the ground, Ears blaring in my…ears. Normally this keeps the paper pushers out of my face. But not last Wednesday. No, some girl felt that there was no excuse for Earth Week ignorance. So in the middle of Trans Am’s ‘Cologne’, I have a pile of various papers thrust in front of my face. So I stop, look up, and faintly hear the girl as she states “Come to our Earth Week rally.” Now added to my confusion is anger. There’s gotta be some statistic about flyers passed out on college campuses that says something to the effect of “85% of them do not even make it into the garbage.” And apparently she was relying on hard irony to get her point across since there were AT LEAST 4 pages of flyers in her hand all apparently promoting this same thing. *Grumble*

“No,” I replied.


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