>And One Got Fat

14 Apr

>Besides public domain audio and texts, the Internet Archive hosts free movies as well. I keep getting a kick out of watching one on bicycle safety involving kids with tails and monkey masks who get killed for not being safe. The reward for being safe on a bike? Eating all the other kids’ lunches. ‘Sweet, dude, I am SO TOTALLY gonna be getting fat WHILE YOU DIE SLOWLY UNDER A STEAMROLLER’ seems to be the message. Also check out the Computer Chronicles, a show with its earliest episodes in the middle 80’s about technology. It’s great if you’re into computers and that stuff. If not, fuck you, what are you still reading this for? And oh yeah, there’s a whole BUNCH of old educational films on sex, drugs, and the American way in general. Reefer Madness seems to be a popular download. I could go on and on about all the awesome stuff on this site. Like “About Faces: American Dental State During the Depression.” But I won’t, cuz these are supposed to be short. I promised myself.

In the Ears: nothing, look at the time. Who listens to music at this ungodly hour? The Devil, that’s who.

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